Gospel Conversations

Why Poetry Is A Way Of Knowing God—Gwen Harwood’s Poetry

September 14, 2019

Sarah’s talk is a celebration of the glory in the mundane. That is the theme of the two wondrous Gwen Harwood poems that Sarah takes us through. But this leads naturally onto a view of the incarnation—the ultimate revealing of glory in the mundane. And Gwen Harwood pursued this glory in the mundane as a woman and mother—which leads her (and Sarah) to advocate a distinctly feminine view of incarnation and Christ. A view that Sarah brilliantly touches on in Luke’s gospel where the gentle domestic view of the women—and the mothers—seems a deliberate counterpoint to the chest-beating imperialism of the male disciples. This gorgeous talk is a work of art and will reward repeated listening.

This is the first talk in our Great Poets on the Mystery of Faith series.

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